Jesus said,"On this rock, I will build my church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it", Matthew 16:18.
Bro. Prem Pradhan
Philemon Chhetri
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Serving the Widows

By the grace of God we helping some of the widows and widowed. We could a house for Charimaya Chepang of Dadagaon, Makwanpur Nepal, who lost her husband who has no one to look after her in her family. One time we also bought 11sweaters and one jacket for 12 widows of our Kathmandu  Church during the Christmas time.It was wintertime and   gets very  cold. They were very happy to receive the gifts and grateful to what they received. I believe that we have more than 200 widows if we count them (we have not counted yet) in every church both in Nepal and India and all of them need much more help in future. We have a desire to help them on monthly basis. It would be a great help for them with $15 per month.

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