Jesus said,"On this rock, I will build my church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it", Matthew 16:18.
Bro. Prem Pradhan
Philemon Chhetri
Statements of Faith



•  God willing we would like to start an orphanage or the children home in Kathmandu for the orphans, poor and the needy children from remote areas of Nepal.

•  God willing, we would also like to conduct our Bible Training program in “Joel Faith Bible School” in Kathmandu for longer period of time to prepare laborers for God's vineyard to gather the harvest all over Asia.

•  To plant more Churches wherever the Lord leads us especially among the un-reached people groups in Nepal and India.

•  To send over 50 missionaries in the field every year.

•  To construct at least 15 or more meeting halls for God's people to worship in the cities, towns and the villages.

•  To print gospel tracts and purchase the Holy Bibles for the gospel work.

•  To complete Philemon's home presently under construction.

•  To organize leadership conferences to equip our ministers both in Nepal and India.

•  To paint and furnish the memorial building, presently used for Bible School.

•  To purchase the land in various parts of our mission field for church construction both in Nepal and India. 

•  Winter cloths for school children and the needy.

•  Sewing and cutting training in different parts of Nepal and India. At present we are running three training centers. They are in Makwanpur, Chituwan and Dhading in Nepal. We need many more of this kind.

•  To purchase at least 50 motorbikes for Pastors and Missionaries those who live in the cities and the towns.

•  To start elementary schools in other Parts of Nepal and India where we do not have one before.

•  To send missionaries in other states of India and other countries of Asia where we do not have the ministry at present .

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