Jesus said,"On this rock, I will build my church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it", Matthew 16:18.
Bro. Prem Pradhan
Philemon Chhetri
Statements of Faith
Brother Prem Pradhan

Brother Prem Pradhan was born in June 1924 in Ilam, East Nepal. And he grew up as a devout Hindu. He studied in Ramakrishna Mission School in Calcutta and was graduated in 1942 after being taught by the Hindu Sadhus for 8 years. He heard the Gospel and accepted the Lord in the year of 1951 in a street Meeting in Darjeeling Town. God called him to preach the Gosp el to his own country Nepal saying "Go to Nepal and preach the Gospel to your own people". He followed the call of God, resigned his military job, went to Nepal in 1955 with the Gospel and became a pioneer missionary in Nepal. He was arrested and put into prison for the Gospel’s sake. He was shifted to 14 different prisons. People were converted wherever he was sent to. Thus he spent total 10 years in prison. After 44 years of his ministry,the Lord called him home on the 15th November 1998.After his departure, Philemon and Elishiba Chhetri are heading the ministry.

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