Jesus said,"On this rock, I will build my church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it", Matthew 16:18.
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Friends, I sometimes do not want to share the burden we have here in the third world about having meeting halls. Because many times God's people in other countries have asked me why we could not worship the Lord in our homes since the first church was meeting in their homes. For example one brother sent an email to me saying, "Why do you feel people must have church building to worship the Lord? Especially when the building is burned down to the ground and pad locked by government or anti Christian groups, this can

become expensive, and funds from financial support are wasted. I do not believe church buildings are scriptural because the early Christians worshipped in houses caves, and open fields when they were persecuted. We cannot gauge success based on number of churches built". Yes, I too believe what he says but my reply to those of my friends is that we do not even need homes to worship the Lord if we only have big corridors as you have in your homes


and the churches in your countries. Most of our homes in the remote mountain villages are just as the sizeof one small room and all family members (Note:  There is no birth control in those remote areas) have to accommodate in that small room.

That is their kitchen, bedroom, leaving room etc. Now, because our people in Nepal and India are accepting the Lord as their Lord and Savior wherever we go and preach the gospel. The Lord has given me the responsibility to provide worship place for them. That is why I am concerned for my brothers and sisters in the Lord for their need. 

Well, NLM has now 153 congregations both in Nepal and India but many of these congregations do not have place to gather and worship. Some of our congregations gather in the cow-shade, some in the opened ground, because they do not have big houses and the rooms to contain all the believers in their locations. They always face problems when it is rainy season and winter. Realizing this as great need for God's people NLM has bought some small piece of land and built ordinary meeting halls for them to be able to gather and worship the Savior.

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Some of recently constructed meeting halls in 2008/09

By the grace of God we constructed 19 church meetings halls in 2008 and 2009. Two of them are still under construction, one in Nawalparasi in Nepal and another one in Darjeeling India. Our local churches gave their labor and also the finances more than 1/3rd. of the total cost because of their great contribution we were able to help them to build the churches in their respective areas.
  My co-worker Dhan Tamang visited most of these newly constructed churches in the remote villages while they were still under construction. He walked long distances on foot for several days. Now they are completed and being used. The Pastors and the congregations are very grateful to have these meeting halls for them to get together and worship the Lord together.

Following are the name of the place where we constructed the meeting halls.

  1. Dhusarang                          Makwanpur 
  2. Mangeni                              Makwanpur
  3. Kharkandetar                    Makwanpur
  4. Dhirang                               Makwanpur
  5. Rupachori                           Makwanpur
  6. Chamandi                           Makwanpur
  7. Incharang                           Makwanpur
  8. Alirang                                Makwanpur
  9. Jhupal                                  Makwanpur
  10. Kalyantar (Padam)         Makwanpur
  11. Birendranagar                 Chitwan
  12. Padampur (Jutpani)       Chitwan
  13. Ratuwa Devitar                Makwanpur
  14. Darjeeling                          India
  15. Ungal                                   Jharlang
  16. Percho                                 Jharlang Basi
  17. Bojini Lamidada              Dolakha
  18. Lhape                                  Nawalparasi
  19. Kusumkhola Madi           Chitwan