Jesus said,"On this rock, I will build my church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it", Matthew 16:18.
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Current Accomplishments 2008/09


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1. Leadership Conferences.

2. Joel Faith Bible School Graduation

3. Sherpa School: Construction

4. Meeting Halls construction

Church Planting
Meeting Halls construction
Joel Faith Bible School
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Leadership Conferences
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Current Accomplishments





Television Started from 30th August 2009


Rev. Dr. Philemon Chhetri


By the grace of God the Lord opened the door for me to preach the gospel through Nepal Television, a National Television. NTV could be viewed from all over the world through Internet and through Cable Network.
Our program is on Sunday at 6:15 to 6:30 Nepal time. We have been getting many phone calls from different parts of Nepal.
     The monthly expenditure for this TV program at present is $714.00 per month and this will be $8568.00 per year. We need you valuable prayers for us to continue the program.
According to the website of NTV following are the main countries from where NTV could be seen clearly.
After accessing to the satellite the signal of NTV is available outside Nepal in Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Burma, China, Greece, Hong Kong, India (Mid Northern part), Iran, Iraq, Japan, Laos (Northern Part), Mongolia, Most parts of Russia, North Korea, Pakistan, Taiwan, Thailand (Northern Part), Turkey and Vietnam (Northern Part).
Some more details about NTV
In February 1986, it became a full-fledged Corporation under the Communication Corporation Act 2028. Established as an electronic media, NTV is one of the most effective mass communication media of Nepal. Most of the people of the country live in remote areas and are illiterate, poor and away from modern communication. NTV is the only effective media to relay the message like Educational, Health, Agricultural, Sanitation, and Human rights etc. to those people. Information makes people conscious about development, health, human rights etc. It also helps to preserve and promote the country's culture.
NTV has started its broadcasting via satellite from 20th Ashad 2058 (4th July 2001). The objective of satellite transmission is to upgrade the signal quality of existing terrestrial relay stations to have countrywide expansion and makes signal available outside the country as well. It is expensive and beyond capacity of average Nepalese citizen to receive the signal by setting the TVRO to each and every household. Hence, NTV is planning to install TV Transmitters with TVRO in Various parts of the country to access NTV signal by simple receiving system (Yagi antenna).
Dear friends thank you for all your prayers for the gospel work in Nepal and India.

Rev. Dr. Philemon Chhetri


Report on Radio Programs 2009

Our Radio program started in 5th April 2008 with one FM Station called Gorkha FM in Kathmandu now we are broadcasting from six FM Stations by the grace of God.

  1. Gorkha FM 93 MHZ from Kathmandu time: Saturday 9:00-9:30 PM
  2. Nepaliko Radio 88.8 MHZ from Bhaktapur Time: Sunday 8:30-9:00 PM
  3.  Shreenagar FM 93.2 MHZ from Palpa Time: Saturday 8:00-8:30 PM
  4. Solu FM 101.2 MHZ from SOLU Salleri Time: Saturday 7:00-7:30 AM
  5.  Andhikhola FM 105.4 MHZ that started on 24th November 2009 from Waling Syangja West Nepal. Time: Tuesday 7:30-8:00 AM
  6. Grace FM 107.6 MHZ at 6:30 -7:00 AM on every Sunday.

The Lord is blessing all our Radio programs and we have been receiving many letters and telephone calls.
    God willing we would like to preach the gospel from all FM Stations to reach the unreached people groups in Nepal and neighboring countries.
       Currently I am paying $81.25 per month for one half an hour program in each FM station. This is $487.50 for all six programs. In fact there are some more extra expenditure I need to bear along with this. Thank you for all your prayers.

Accomplishments 2006/07
    By the grace of God the Lord helped our Church leaders in different parts of Nepal and India to plant 14 new churches fellowships:  

1. Jharlang- Dhading

2. Bangegaon- Makwanpur

3. Habilidanda, Makwanpur

4. Hattigauda, Makwanpur

5. Dedauli, Chitawan

6. Manjirdanda, Makwanpur

7. Devitar, Makwanpur

8. Wamentar, Makwapur

9. Galasarang, Makwanpur

10. Ramche, Makwanpur

11. Marsyangdi, Makwanpur

12. Palung, Makwanpur

13. Reling, Darjeeling, India

14. Maisirang, Makwanpur


    I have received the reports from our Pastors and Church leaders that the new converts were baptized in the following areas of our mission fields. I believe that there are many other areas where baptism took place but I do not have the report at this point.


Appointed Missionaries:

This year we appointed 11 Pastors and missionaries for the gospel worThis year we appointed 11 Pastors and missionaries for the gospel work. Following is the list:

•  Daud Munda,

•  Anil Rai,

•  Shankar Tamang,

•  Jit bahadur Tamang,

•  Reuben Tamang,

•  Sukra deep Rai,


New Life Sherpa School Extension

We have this sherpa school in Darjeeling , India in a place called Lamahatta especially for Sherpa tribe. I have just given $1142 to start for the construction to extension this school building. This is not extending the same building but they have to put another building to a new location because there is no sufficient area in our present school premises to do the extensions. This time we are going to make just three class rooms to move some of the classes to another location. Local Pastor Prakash there who is also the principal of the New Life Sherpa School there has already started the construction of these there rooms. We hope that the Lord will help us to complete extension. To complete this extension we need another $10,000 USD as far as I know.


Leadership Conferences:

By the grace of God we had our leadership Conference in Siliguri India from 22 to 25 January 2007 and there were over 170 Pastors and leaders those who took part from India, just few of them from Nepal. Because more than 250 Pastors and the leaders from India could not attend due to the strikes in Nepal. Bible teachers were Brian Rebbittes, Ann Rebbites and John Brown from UK, Enoch Anthony from India and Philemon from Nepal. The Lord anointed the word and every one were blessed.


Joel Faith Bible School

Last year we had 14 students graduated, Ten (10) from Nepal and other 4 from India. Following are the names of the students.



List of the students 2006

•  Shantaraj Tamang – Chongtong, Darjeeling, India

•  Ashit Tamang – Chongtong, Darjeeling India

•  Daud Munda –Siliguri, India

•  Yakub Sober –Siliguri, India

•  Krishina Bahadur Rumba – Martal Chitwan, Nepal

•  Chhetra Bahadur Thing – Korainchapani Chitwan, Nepal

•  Surya Bahadur- Praja – DadaGaon, Makwanpur, Nepal

•  Bhakta Bahadur Praja- DadaGaon, Makwanpur, Nepal

•  Jit Bahadur Praja- Chamandi Makawanpur , Nepal

•  Hari Chandra Ale – Debitar, Makwanpur, Nepal

•  Lal Bahadur Gaha- Harbale, Nawalparasi, Nepal

•  Bishal Shretha- Harbale Nawalparasi, Nepal

•  Dev Bahadur Rana- Lhape Nawalparasi. Nepal

•  Mitraman Tamang- Ebi, Dhadhing, Nepal.

    Church construction and purchasing land:

    We could only construct three new worship halls in Chitwan, Nepal this year they are under construction but will be completed within a month or so.

New Home construction:

Philemon's personal home is under construction now. It looks like it will take another 3-4 months.


Sewing program in Makwanpur:

Six months Sewing program continues in Makwanpur, Dhading and Solukhumbu in Nepal. Until now 7 batches has completed their training.



There are four gospel tracts that Philemon wrote:

1. Healing provision for you

2. Love

3. Complete Freedom

4. Victory Over Death

The Lord has blessed and been using these tracts both in Nepal and India. Many souls have come to the Lord Jesus Christ by reading these tracts! We printed these times many time and they all finished distributing. We do not sell these tracts. They are free for preaching the gospel. This year we printed 80,000 (eighty thousand) tracts, 20 thousand each. Thank you for praying for the anointing upon this spirit filled tracts. We paid Rs.92200 Nepali rupees that is $1440 USD. Many churches distributed thousands of these tracts at the time of Easter 2007.