Jesus said,"On this rock, I will build my church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it", Matthew 16:18.
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New Life Mission Leadership Conference 2009

Kathmandu, Nepal



By the grace of our great God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit,Philemon along with Elishiba and their coworkers from Kathmandu had arranged this Leadership Conference from 2nd to 5th October 2009 in Kathmandu, Nepal.
Thank you for your prayers for the Conference.
Pastors, Missionaries, Teachers, youth leaders, women's leaders, Sunday School Teachers and other active co-workers from within the New Life Mission from Nepal and India were invited to attend the conference.  Nearly 700 attended the Conference. Our leaders walked on foot one day to four/five days to reach the nearest bus station to attend the conference. Pastor Habil and his team reserved four buses still 32 people returned from the half way due to no room in those buses. This number was beyond our expectation. We had hard time to arrange food and accommodation.And,the expenditure was huge. We purchased form that is something soft to make people sleep somewhere. Many had no room to sleep and they slept in the dirt muddy floor under the tent made for the Conference.  It was also slightly raining those days.
      One night during the conference about 150-200 people heard a funny sound and every one of them was running from where they were sleeping. They thought that the sound might be bomb blast and there was only one little gate to get out from there. But that was not the bomb blast. It was the sound of rainwater from the top of the tent roof. My co-worker Dhan arrived there immediately and told them what had happened and by the grace of God nothing happened to anyone.  But no one complained regarding the food and stay. Almost every night I woke up in the mid night and could not sleep again thinking about them sleeping in the dirt floor so did many of my co-workers.
   We had three Bible Teachers from Canada, David Robbins, Al Friesen and Travis Thiessen to teach in the Conference. The Lord anointed all three of them and used them to bless the congregation. 
  Praise and worship team led by Samuel and Joel did wonderful job in the beginning of almost every service.
  On the 5th October I challenged people to give to the Lord to extend the kingdom of our God and 65 of them filled out the forms with the commitment saying that they would pray and contribute to the ministry. If they give faithfully there will be total $49.93 coming to the ministry every month. This is not a big amount of money but I wanted our people to learn to give to the Lord and be a part of the gospel work.


New Life Mission Leadership Conference 2007

Kathmandu, Nepal


By the grace of God we had wonderful and blessed Leadership Conference from 26th to 29th September where over 300 Church leaders from within our own churches in Nepal and some from India .  Also the leaders and the Church members from our Church in Kathmandu attended the conference. Most of the Church leaders walked on foot several hours to four-five days to attend the conference and from there they traveled by bus to reach Kathmandu .
     Pastor Peter McLewin and Pastor Paul Ignacio from VA were the speakers. We also ordained 11 Pastors and the elders to encourage them in the ministry during the conference.
     Expenditure for the conference was huge to prepare the place to stay for all the leaders, for food arrangements, etc etc but some how the Lord helped us to meet all the needs according to his riches in glory. We also gave one-way travel expenses for all who attended the conference.
     Elishiba and I along with our co-workers would like to thank you for your prayers for this conference at the same time we are very grateful to you. God willing we are again praying for another Leadership Conference in April 2008. Please uphold us in your valuable prayers.



NLM Conference in India.

New Life Mission runs leadership conferences and helps pastors to attend in order to equip them better for ministry. In 2005 NLM conducted two leadership conferences . The first was in India in June, where more than 200 leaders took part. Bible teachers were Pastor Paul Ingnacio and Dr Peter McLewin from the USA. A second conference was conducted in September 2005 in Nepal, Kathmandu. Pastor Dave Hess, Pastor Eric Nhert and sister Jannet Specht from Christ Coimmunity Church, camp Hill, Pennsylvania spoke in the conference. More than 250 church leaders attended this conference, during the meeting 25 pators and missionaries were ordained. NLM also conducted another wonderful leadership conference in Siliguri, India where 300 leaderes attended. All of them were blessed and encouraged in the conference.