Jesus said,"On this rock, I will build my church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it", Matthew 16:18.
Bro. Prem Pradhan
Philemon Chhetri
Statements of Faith


By the grace of God we could run and conduct three months Bible School this year also from 16th August to 14th November 2009.
     Thank you for all your prayers for us to be able to run this training. The Lord sent 11 students to the Joel Faith Bible School this year. Following are the names and area of the students came from:

  1. Puran Bhattarai            Darjeeling India
  2. Jyotisila Rasaili             Darjeeling India.
  3. Ishahak Thakuri            Morang
  4. Sanjay Ghishing              Sirah
  5. Netra Bahadur Pulami     Nawalparasi
  6. Damailama Tamang         Jharlang
  7. Pramilamaya Tamang     Jharlang
  8. Janalal Praja                      Makwanpur
  9. Dalbahadur Makim         Nawalparasi
  10. Junusa Limbu         Sangkhuwasabha
  11. Rasimaya Tamang        Lamjung

The Lord provided 10 teachers to teach in the Bible School.
1.   Rev. Dr. Gautam Silal                      Siligiri India.
2. Pastor Edmond Karthak       Mungpoo     Darjeeling
3. Pastor Joseph Bomzan                         Darjeeling
4. Mr. Paul Moktan                                 Goke Darjeeling
5. Elder Dhan Tamang                          Kathmandu, Nepal
6. Elder Pratima Tamang                     Kathmandu
7. Rev. Elishiba Chhetri                       Kathmandu
8. Mr. James Pulami and Team          Kathmandu
9. Mr. Samuel Chhetri                          Kathmandu
10. Mr. Joel Chhetri                              Kathmandu
11. Rev. Dr. Philemon Chhetri         Kathmandu 

The Lord helped us to complete 23 subjects within three months of time.

  • Homiletics
  • The Name above all names
  • Church Ceremonial
  • Pastoral Epistles
  • Gift of the Holy Spirit
  • Kingdom of God                                                  
  • The Need of the Revelation of the Word of God
  • Ceremonial songs
  • Praise and worship-                                
  • Forgiveness                                             
  • Spiritual Authority and its Importance
  • Blessings and curse of positive and Negative Confession
  • Biblical studies on finance
  • Leadership Development
  • The Ministry of the Holy Spirit        
  • False Cults 
  • The Foundations of Christian Life
  • Bible Survey                                             
  • Blood covenant                                           
  • Life of Christ                                                
  • The great commission                               
  •  Personal Devotional quiet Time
  • Sunday School Teachers Training


Since its first graduation in 2002, seventy eight church leaders have been trained up from Joel Faith Bible School.Now, they are serving the Lord in the different parts of Nepal and India.

The First Batch 2002: Graduated 16 students

The Second Batch 2003: Graduated 19 students

The Third Batch 2005: Graduated 29 students.

The Fourth Batch 2006: Graduated 14 students

The Fifth Batch 2007: Graduated 15 students

The Sixth Batch 2008: Graduadted 10 students

The seventh Batch 2009: Graduated 11 students

Now, we are praying for the Eigth Batch.




It was some time in 1992 the need of having a Bible training Center was felt in the heart of Philemon Chhetri. It was that time when Philemon and his wife Elishiba started praying to God for the Bible School. Later their congregations and co-workers lifted the need before the throne of grace. But he was unable to start one for about ten years due to lack of space, finance and other things.In answer of their prayers, the Lord helped him to start construction of a multipurpose memorial building in February 2001 in Kathmandu, in memory of three great men of God Bro. Prem Pradhan, a pioneer missionary leader in Nepal, Leo Nehrt a senior Elder of Christ Community Church Camp hill Pennsylvania and Jajat Bahadur Chhetri, Philemon’s uncle who led him to the Lord Jesus Christ when he was about 9-10 years old. This building is to be used for different purpose of the ministries. Until and unless Joel Faith Bible School possesses its own properties and building the JFBS can be conducted in this building. Though the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ reached to some Nepali people in India for more than hundred years still the door for the gospel in Nepal only Hindu Kingdom is not yet fully opened. We believe that even in the closed land the Lord will use these dedicated people to bring many into the Kingdom of God.





  • To fulfill the vision and the call of God in the body of Christ by producing qualified leaders.
  • To prepare the men and women  of God for the work of Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.
  • To plant the Churches throughout the nation of Nepal and in the neighboring countries  through these trained people.
  • To fulfill the need of the local Church by preparing Bible teachers.
  • To carry on the work of Jesus Christ on this earth until His second coming.

Future Vision

JFBS's future vision is to be able to train as many students as the Lord sends to this bible school. At present we are limited of the space and the finances. Therefore we need your prayers to be able to purchase the land and build the building for this school, which can be totally separate from other activities. So that the students will have the environment as they need.


Joel Faith Bible School Report 2007

Dear praying friends,
       Greetings and grace to you and peace from God our father in the matchless name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!
        By the grace of God we started our Bible school on the 1st September 2007 for three months training and completed on the 1st December 2007. There were 17 students at the bigining two of them left due to their sickness and could not continue their course, but all other 15 students determined to complete the course and they did. Some of our students walked on foot for 5-7 days to attend this Bible Training and some others walked few days.
Following are the names of the students:

  1. Shyamlal Praja –                  Jutpani Padampur, Chitwan, Nepal
  2. Budhiman Tamang-             Sotang, Solukhumbu, Nepal
  3. Kamal Bahadur Tamang -   Sotang, Solukhumbu, Nepal
  4. Narayan Kai Khadka-          Nhele,  Solukhumbu, Nepal
  5. Roshan Mukhia -                 Ranitar Panchthar Nepal,
  6. Bikash Nagarkoti-               Goldhunga, Kathmandu, Nepal
  7. Jit Bahadur Sunar-              Sarikhetpalase, Makwanpur, Nepal
  8. Tul Bahadur Praja-              Madhu Kakada Makwanpur, Nepal
  9. Gangaram Praja-                  Dhusarang Kakada,  Makwanpur, Nepal
  10. Chandra Bahadur Praja-       Chapal Kakada, Makwanpur, Nepal
  11. Shyam Bahadur Praja-          Tamghatar Kakada, Makwanpur, Nepal
  12. Gyan Bahadur Praja -            Sarikhetpalase, Makwanpur, Nepal
  13. Prem Bahadur Tamang-        Jharlang Dhading, Nepal
  14. Rupak Shrestha-                    Simra Pipra, Bara, Nepal
  15. Hari Lal Praja -                      Raksirang, Makwanpur, Nepal

The Lord provided 18 teachers including Elishiba and me.


  • Rev. Gautam Silal, (Guest teacher) --Sisiguri, India
  • Pastor Tirtha Gurung, (Guest teacher) Jorthang South Sikkim, India
  • Pastor Edmond Karthak,----Mungpoo, Darjeeling, India  
  • Dr. Peter McLewin, (Guest teacher)-- Norfolk, VA USA
  • Rev. Fred Tiday,  (Guest teacher) -----------PA USA
  • Mr. Nathan Tiday, (Guest teacher) -----------PA USA
  • Mr. David Engelman,- (Guest teacher)  ------CA USA
  • Pastor Joseph Bomzan, Dean plus teacher,  Darjeeling 
  • Mrs. Elishiba Bomzan, ------------------------ Darjeeling
  • Mr. Sadip Lepch, (Guest teacher) ---Sitong, Darjeeling
  • Elder Dhan Bahadur Tamang, ------- -------Kathmandu 
  • Elder Mrs. Pratima Tamang, -----------------Kathmandu
  • Rev. Elishiba Chhetri,--------------- ---------Kathmandu
  • Samuel Chhetri, -------------------------------Kathmandu
  •  Joel Chhetri, ----------------------------------Kathmandu 
  • Banita Dandol, Teach Ministries for one week, Kathmandu
  • Juna Tamang, Teach Ministries for one week, Kathmandu
  • Philemon Chhetri -------------------Kathmandu 


The Lord helped us to teach the following subjects.

  • Homiletics-                                                                     Philemon
  • The Name above all names-                                           Philemon
  • Church ceremonials-                                                      Philemon
  • Pastoral Epistles –                                                          Philemon
  • Ceremonial Songs -     Pastor Elishiba, Samuel and Joel Chhetri
  • Kingdom of God                                              Rev. Gautan Silal
  • Praise and worship-                                 Pastor Edmond Karthak
  • Biblical management- Baibalia Byabasthapan      Eld. D B Tamang
  • Holy Spirit-                                      Eld. Dhan Bahadur Tamang
  •  Bible Survey –                                              Eld. Pratima Tamang
  • Blood covenant -                                           Eld. Pratima Tamang
  • The great commission-                                Pastor Joseph Bomzan
  • Authority and Submission –                        Pastor Joseph Bomzan
  • How to wetness effectively?                             Pastor Joseph Bomzan
  • The gospel of John-                                      Mrs. Elishiba Bomzan
  • Meaningful time of meditation –                 Mrs. Elishiba Bomzan
  • Who is God? –                                             Mrs. Elishiba Bomzan
  • Sunday School Training               - Banita Dongol & Juna Tamang
  • Christian Character                                           – Mr. Sadip Lepcha